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Preparing to Finance Your First Car

If you’re preparing to finance your first car, congratulations! This is a huge step and Thomas Auto Sales is excited to be part of the process. Here are some steps you can take to make the process go smoother:

Get Your Finances in Order

Organization is key when it comes to getting your first car loan. Aside from the important documents like paystubs and proof address, be sure to also check your credit score and do a monthly budget so you know what you can afford and what kind of rate to expect. You will also want to check your credit report for errors so you can get that worked out before you find a car that you love.

Save Money for a Down Payment

You will likely have to borrow money for your first car, but saving for a down payment actually helps a lot. Putting money down on the car can help you lower your monthly payment and shorten your loan terms. The less money you borrow, the less money you have to pay back. Be sure to call our dealership at (503)-640-8044 if you have any questions about how much to save.

Know What You Want for Your Money

Once you set a budget, figure out what you want most for that budget. Spend some time looking at inventory online to get an idea what you like and how much it costs. Here at Thomas Auto Sales, we are very good at finding customers what they want within their budget. Come to us with your list of must-haves, and we’ll work with you. You can shop by payment here on our website.

If you’re ready to begin financing your first car, get pre-approved online today or visit our dealership in Hillsboro, OR. Be sure to ask us about our First Time Buyer Program!